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Asbestos Sampling from Private Homes to Schools

Our Asbestos Surveyors are P402 qualified to under take bulk sampling for asbestos. All are samples are sent to a Ukas accredited lab for testing and classification. Classification will not only tell you the which  fibers are  present ( Chrysotile, Amosite  or Crocidolite ) but what type of Asbestos it is IE; Asbestos Cement or Asbestos insulating board Etc. With this you can be assured that you will be safe when it comes to the removal of the Asbestos containing  material(ACM’S) or reassured that it is safe in its location.

Our sample report will tell you whether the ACM’s is Licenced or an Unlicensed, meaning first of all you are safe and that you  meet currant legislation also you can go to a removal company with the right information. The Report all so has a picture showing the exact  location of the ACM’s and its size.