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Why you need a Refurbishment survey

Refurbishment asbestos surveys can be broken down to survey the entire building or parts of a building which are to be subjected to planed refurbishment works. The purpose of the Survey is to ensure that contractors working on refurbishing work are protected from asbestos containing materials on site.

SPE Surveyings reports must locate and identify all asbestos containing materials before any refurbishment work begins. It involves an intrusive and destructive inspection with the potential of asbestos disturbance. The area to be surveyed must be vacated during the survey and certified ‘fit for reoccupation’ after the survey.

  • Refurbishment surveys are best matched to clients that are planning to embark on “substantial refurbishment” therefore will not usually be required for decorating and small, non-intrusive works.
  • In some cases, accessing all areas needs to be done in stages during removals. SPE Surveyors will be available at commencement and during the works in case suspect materials are identified that could not be safely examined during the survey.
  • Our surveyors have experience in removals which enables them to assess foreseeable problems or elements that only experience could identify.
  • SPE Surveying will also take care of all Sample taking for you.