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Asbestos surveys in south west

We have been very busy in the last few weeks carrying out lots of  asbestos management surveys and refurbishment surveys for are clients.

Asbestos Survey in Bath Uncovers Asbestos Insulating Board

We did an Asbestos Management Survey  in Bath and found Asbestos Containing Materials  in the wall of the basement stairs. Asbestos was also found in other locations within the property showing the importance of undertaking asbestos management surveys. For complete peace of mind contact us today to talk more about your requirements.

Managing Asbestos in Buildings : A Brief Guide

Please follow the link bellow for a guide on Managing you Asbestos and your Duty to Manage Asbestos in the work place 0ahUKEwjPlKzjj7XTAhXGfFAKHbyBBZEQFghOMAM&url= AFQjCNGkMtNkHhtVmag_82earGA5FnsyNg&sig2=KihuWzW_2Hh3WRaIP9Ic6Q